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Getting confused with calculation of superannuation?

Unable to manage leave and entitlements?

Spending hours figuring out payroll computation errors?

payroll outsourcing companies

Flexible and accurate payroll services tailored to your needs.

If the thought of handling your employees’ individual payroll needs, dealing with timesheet queries and requests for leave fills you with dread, it might be time to consider experts who specialize in payroll processing.

Suitable to meet the payroll needs of global businesses of any size and any industry, Glocal’s outsourced payroll services make use of latest accounting softwares and ensure that everything is taken care of from start to finish, leaving nothing for you to deal with. We start with a full understanding of the relevant awards and pay rates specific to your industry and your employees, before calculating gross wages and net tax, along with compulsory superannuation contributions. We generate payslips and end of year group certificates while maintaining an accurate record of your employees’ annual leave, sick leave, and other entitlements.

Not just this, when you want to surpass the cliché mind set of just delivering paychecks to your employees, Glocal’s payroll service will bring a better picture about new firm discovery and enable you to concentrate and maneuver your business towards success. We help tower your payrolls to a remarkable level.

Powering people & processes.


Payroll Setup in the software

We set up the most modern technology to give you a superior, fully automated payroll system experience with 100% accuracy and error-free process.

Preparation of W-2s, W-3s and W-4s of each employee

As per the inputs received from clients like attendance, salary increments, incentives, advances, loans etc. through our own developed in-house payroll software.

Setup Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly pay rate of each employee

No matter what payroll timetabling system you use, multiple pay schedules can easily be adopted with our exclusive softwares.

Calculating Annual/Sick leaves and Vacation pay of employees

Our outsourced payroll services gives employees access to a personalized dashboard-enabling them to self-track and manage their leave and other entitlements.

Write up ServicesCalculation of Payroll Withholding

Generate reports related to like Federal Withholding, State Withholding, Social Security and Medicare with ease and affordability.

Generation of payroll of all employees

Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Payroll- Your hunt halts here. We can generate payroll of all employees- whatever the size of your company.

Create Paychecks using software

We help you automate your paycheck calculation using avant-garde technology and payroll processing softwares.

Calculation of Payroll Liabilities to the IRS

We not only take care of your Payroll administration but also give you the best solution for your staffing, statutory compliances and calculation of payroll liabilities.

Prepare and File Payroll Returns to the IRS

Backed by modern technology, our inimitable statutory compliance team helps you prepare and file payroll returns (Form-940 & Form-941) to the IRS.

Journal Entries of Payroll Liabilities

From Initial recordation, accrued wages and salaries to manual and online paychecks, we effectively record all payroll liabilities to record the compensation paid to employees.


  • Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly- We work within your pay schedule
  • Payroll software proficiency
  • Save time, effort and money to maintain payroll database
  • Personalized dashboard for employees
  • Payroll reports and analytics
  • Compliance with all relevant industry standards and federal legislation
  • Service and support beyond expectations

Choosing Glocal as your finance and accounting partner will fetch you both quantitative and qualitative results.

Get to Glocal. Get your team which is clued in to your needs, to help meet them better.

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