With the economy reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, Certified Public accountants in the U.S. are in a complex position to help create a new normal for both themselves and their business customers. With the economy reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, Certified Public accountants in the U.S. are in a complex position to help create a new normal for both themselves and their business customers.

In the current scenario of coronavirus, there are plenty of enterprises facing the worst financial downturn in their business lifespan. Even in the evergreen accounting industry, CPAs are finding themselves in an unprecedented position where they need to see the light at the end of the tunnel for themselves while simultaneously protecting their client’s interests which is always their top priority.

No doubt that CPA firms are under heavy pressure of creating financial plans and providing advisory services to their clients to save their businesses from falling down. With so many companies selling crystals these days, it can be confusing while deciding which one is the best accounts and tax outsourcing service provider for you.

Glocal Accounting offers the most scalable and cost-effective accounting, tax and payroll services for US based Accounting firms with the help of a robust team of highly qualified & skilled accountants.

In these uncharted waters, CPA firms are overwhelmed with the work coming in on a daily basis. We can support firms by taking their workload so that they can dedicate their teams to reduce Covid19 impact, focus on business continuity and provide client consultancy. Glocal AS coordinates with your niche to uphold you from the rest of the crowd. Let’s find out how we can help you in serving your purpose more efficiently.

Cash Flow Optimization

In the current situation, most of the revenue-generating activities of the major business houses have stopped. At the other end of the pole, there are some companies that have seen a booming increase in demand for their services and expertise such as CPA firms.

As companies are not generating enough revenues, they can’t afford to pay full amount or in some cases, not at all in fee to their respective accounting assistance CPA firms. This has been creating a huge cost pressure on CPA firms.

We offer cost-effective financial reporting, 1040, 1120s, 1120, 1099, 1065, bookkeeping, sales tax, payroll etc. services to US CPA firms. It enables them to delegate their work at an affordable range and save huge on cost.

In these unchartered waters, Gloscal AS cost cutting tools and resources provide CPA firms with direct tangible benefits to immediately optimize their cash flow. In the long term, the cost cutting measures are going to place them in a business advantage both financially and strategically.

Keep pace with Compliance

In the wake of Covid19, It’s fairly possible that CPAs can miss out on tax deductions or may also overestimate how much they owe which can lead to over-payment and hurt business’s earnings. New late breaking legislations around recent tax laws have made the compliance quite complex and swamped CPA firms with overhead burden.

Many of the accounting challenges faced by small businesses can be managed with the help of a third-party accounts outsourcing provider. Numerous US based CPA firms have partnered with Glocal AS to handle their accounting, payroll and tax functions which means they have enough spare time to concentrate on compliance work and avoid costly penalties. We provide a wide variety of accounting services for small to large sized CPA firms i.e. from bookkeeping to corporate tax returns and from Sales Tax to end to end payroll processing.

Qualified, Experienced & Inexpensive Resources

To handle big projects of premium business clients, it is really necessary to have adequate resources either in terms of expertise or capacity. Performing accounting and tax tasks for them makes CPA firms exhausted, leading them to focus less on client advisory and other revenue streams.

We have a team of qualified and experienced accountants with relevant skills to match CPA’s requirements. Our robust team of highly skilled accountants providing accounts, tax, and payroll services with quick turnaround time back CPA firms up to solve their client’s financial problems quickly. Additionally, it reduces overhead cost for CPA firms as they don’t need to invest in resources directly. Our expert accountants boost the reporting procedure and also successfully reduce the closing time for financial reporting.

Adopt Cloud technology

This is the right time to increase the use of technology to save your professionals time, add deeper analytics and consulting capabilities, and train your whole firm on these new skills. Embrace technology and a remote working environment.

To get the best results we believe in keeping ourselves updated with the latest technological changes. Many businesses amid coronavirus are busy to adapt themselves to the situation. Almost every business house is modifying itself in a way that will enable them to practice their operations even better than before COVID-19 to make their practice future ready.

When you outsource you accounts, tax and payroll work to us, you have enough time to focus on the technological front and digitising your business. You will be able to devote much of your time into adapting to the technology in your company and training staff on that which will help the businesses to evolve amid coronavirus.


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